Questions for Chagall

Not for sale

Questions for Chagall
by Julissa Guzman, Age 14

Where does the tail end?
Is it a party?
Or is it just a date to see the sunset fall?
Is that a goat or a dog holding up an umbrella
so that the chickens don’t get wet?
Is it feeding its own baby?
Did the pair pick the fruit
and put it on top of the goat (or dog)?
They’re smiling, they’re happy,
you can see that.
And it seems like the couple
is almost about to kiss
because they are holding each other.
He’s looking at her, but where is she looking?
Somewhere else, but I don’t know where.

This broadside celebrates the partnership of Seattle Arts & Lectures’ Writers in the Schools Program and Seattle Children’s Hospital, empowering pediatric patients with guidance from poets Sierra Nelson and Ann Teplick. It was produced at the School of Visual Concepts in April 2013 and letterpress printed by Sarah Kulfan in a limited edition of 100.

This was maybe my first print that I ever printed on my Vandercook Universal 1 after bringing that home in 2012.