Glacier Peak from the White Chuck Glacier


Letterpress printed in the winter and spring of 2020 from a single hand carved linoleum block on a Vandercook Universal 1, this is a six-pass reduction cut.

Artwork size: 14 x 10″
Paper size: 19 x 15″
Signed and numbered edition of 57
Archival paper
Ships in clear sleeve in a sturdy flat package.

Glacier Peak or Dakobed (known in the Sauk-Suiattle dialect of the Lushootseed) dominated the skyline during our trek north on Section K of the WA portion of the PCT. The Glacier Peak Wilderness is a committing stretch with minimal access points (none from cars) from Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass. It is the most elusive WA volcano, offering few vantage points unless you’re embedded in the surrounding wilderness. Following my first summer of mountaineering, Glacier Peak was top on my list of climbing objectives. After years of hiking around or near the mountain, I wanted see what the view from the summit would look like. The climb that inspired this print was also the first mountaineering trip that I helped plan and lead. The previous year, I was still a student and all I had to do to finish a climb was to show up.

I have probably spent most of my time outdoors exploring the Glacier Peak Wilderness than in other parts of our state. The Search and Rescue and Mountain Rescue organizations that I volunteer with operate in Snohomish County which encompasses part of this wilderness. I should probably venture out more and explore all the other wild spaces, but Glacier Peak and it’s surrounding mountains, valleys and canyons is probably where I’ll actually be.