Asian Persuasion

Not for sale

Asian persuasion
By Amy Young, age 21

Asian persuasion
Asian, no raisin
but I’m also Asian American
going online watching all the
comments calling me racial slurs
ain’t gonna help.
Just so I wake up this morning.
Getting ready to go shopping,
I prayed to god I will be safe.
Being an Asian American is like an enemy to the racist. To the privileged people.
I am not the enemy. I’m a person.
Person with fear. Person with sensitive feelings.
Person with anxiety. Person with good intentions.
I love being American, but I hate America.
To the families of Vongda Rapanatakee,
Xiqojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Delaina Ashley, Yaun Gon
and Paul Andres Michaels. We love you.
May you rest in love.

This broadside celebrates the partnership of Seattle Arts & Lectures’ Writers in the Schools Program and Seattle Children’s Hospital, empowering pediatric patients with guidance from poets Sierra Nelson and Ann Teplick. It was produced by Partners in Print in 2021 and letterpress printed by Sarah Kulfan in a limited edition of 100.